Heidi Woodard: Help! I have the mentality of an 82-year old

No offense to any octogenarians out there. I’m just not ready to be you yet.

How I Do It: Personal trainer-mom pushes herself and others, all with a smile

She intended to work with children, but her love for health and fitness ultimately took over her career ambitions.

Jacqueline Baez-Leonard: Sometimes being a good parent means less talking, more listening

“Mom, what’s a lesbian? … Someone at school called me one, and I want to know what it is.”

Claire Flatowicz: Spring Cleaning: Signs it’s time to toss your clothes

It’s time to dust off those shelves that never see a dust rag, clean out those kitchen cabinets and my clothes closet.

How I Do It: Working mom Nadira Ford-Robbins

The 28-year-old dishes on discipline, sacrifices (fewer shoes) and her well-mannered 1-year-old.

Amy Grace: 8 white hot dresses that are under $100

Gone are the days and the rule that says you can’t wear white until after Memorial Day.

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New guidelines released Thursday are aimed at reducing the spiraling cesarean delivery rate in the U.S.

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woman delivers baby in the drive way

Abigail Cain was on her way to the hospital Friday morning, when she just felt the need to push.

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Kate Middleton and I have a lot in common these days — or maybe not. I’ll let you decide.

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Thinking about having a cesarean? Check out this graphic.

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Both parents can get a little “punchy” in the labor-and-delivery room.

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Birth centers, midwives and home births weren’t for me.

I preferred to give birth twice in a hospital. Call me crazy but having my chubby arm squeezed by a blood pressure cuff every five minutes was comforting.

A homebirth would’ve caused me too much anxiety.

But it’s great that women have more birthing options, including the new Midwife’s Place in Bellevue.

I was a nervous wreck when I had my first daughter, Alejandra.

The pressure to get an epidural was overwhelming. And I’ll admit it, I eventually cracked.

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