Claire Flatowicz: Spring Cleaning: Signs it’s time to toss your clothes

It’s time to dust off those shelves that never see a dust rag, clean out those kitchen cabinets and my clothes closet.

Amy Grace: 8 white hot dresses that are under $100

Gone are the days and the rule that says you can’t wear white until after Memorial Day.

Jen Schneider: Take the April Acts of Kindness challenge

Get inspired to take part in April Acts of Kindness Month.

Jessica Brashear: 6 things no pregnant woman should be expected to do

I’m tired. I’m large. I’m sick and tired of being large.

The Sassy Housewife: Why won’t my child use the potty? C’mon we’ve been training forever

My daughter just can’t seem to get the concept. She is constantly having accidents and it is a fight to just get her on the potty.

Jenny Razor: A pulled rib muscle left this working mom no chance to heal

A pulled rib muscle is tricky because, well, it’s constantly in use.

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A pulled rib muscle is tricky because, well, it’s constantly in use.

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At first Kelly and Layton Rausch had trouble believing their baby couldn’t hear, but tests showed a mild to moderate hearing loss.

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What if you had a sick child and knew that there was one thing that could make her feel better? What if the solution was illegal?

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Dr. Gregory Ramey, a child psychologist at Dayton Children’s Hospital, says he toughest part of his job is to create an environment where kids trust him enough to say what they really feel.

This isn’t easy, particularly with teens who are suspicious that a therapist will tell parents about their conversations. In some instances, psychologists are legally and ethically required to disclose personal information, such as when a youngster tells a counselor about being sexually abused.

When that trust is developed, teens finally let go of their defenses and deal with some issues that are really bothering them.

Here are three topics that teens have the most difficult time talking about in therapy…

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nail biting

The only person who can get your son to stop biting his nails is your son.

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dr. zak

We’ve been sick — a lot — this winter.

So far we’ve had coughs, colds and a nasty stomach virus that kept us in bed.

No parent wants to see their child in discomfort.

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couple of hands

Turn wishful thinking into real-life progress for people who want to fix their relationships, start new ones or improve a strong one.

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Life can sometimes feel a little too jam-packed.

When that happens, healthy habits often fall by the wayside in favor of convenience.

The Nutrition Twins have advice for better health.

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sick child

Kids get sick – it’s just a reality.

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As we’ve flipped the calendar to 2014, check out these helpful tips to refresh your alcohol consumption habits.

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Closeup of cute kid brushing his teeth

Your child’s smile is dear to you, but it’s important to her in more ways than one.

Those tiny teeth make it possible for her to eat solid food and are the crucial difference that turn her baby jabber into words you can comprehend.

They’re also placeholders and trailblazers for her adult teeth, so proper oral care is essential to ensuring your baby’s grin will grow into a healthy adolescent smile and a stunning adult one.

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Public survey to shape health priorities

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Lainey Wilkinson doesn’t know it yet, but one day she’ll learn that the entire staff at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center was waiting for someone like her.

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The Nebraska Medical Center last week became the second drop-off site in Omaha for the Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa, which is part of a network of 13 such banks in North America.

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The Negus babies — Logan, Mason, Porter and Connor — aren’t a common, humdrum set of quadruplets.

They’re rare, even among quadruplets.

The foursome, born Tuesday at Methodist Women’s Hospital, is doing well, as is their mother, Sabrina Negus, of Tilden, Neb.

Their father, Lucas Negus, expressed relief and began to envision the four boys making up the majority of Elkhorn Valley Schools’ six-man high school football team.

Read more about the newborns and watch a video by clicking inside.

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Need some inspiration to get your children active?

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Katerina Zalenskaya traveled 5,000 miles to Omaha so her ailing 9-month-old son could undergo a life-saving heart operation.

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It’s possible to look healthy and still be well on your way to a heart attack.

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An Oregon woman gave her 7-year-old medical marijuana to combat the symptoms of chemotherapy.

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