Jessica Brashear: Be your child’s advocate for better health care

Dear Doctor, our appointment left me disappointed in your professionalism and bed-side manner.

Bri Nejad: Sunblock or Sunscreen: Which one should you be using this summer?

One thing we know for sure is we need something to keep our skin looking youthful and healthy.

Joe McCampbell: Momaha has a new daddy blogger

He’s a 25-year-old Omaha guy who plans to blog about life as a single dad.

Heidi Woodard: Help! I have the mentality of an 82-year old

No offense to any octogenarians out there. I’m just not ready to be you yet.

Dr. Tricia Schmit: 9 ideas for a healthier Easter basket

So, here we are, staring at Easter already and… more candy.

How I Do It: Personal trainer-mom pushes herself and others, all with a smile

She intended to work with children, but her love for health and fitness ultimately took over her career ambitions.

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If you have a good support system, you’re one of the lucky ones. Realize that everyone doesn’t have that.

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It’s about involving the children, and making them feel like they are part of the process.

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work life

Sixty-three percent of women define career success as having a job that allows them to balance their personal and professional lives.

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Think about the people around you. They’re more than just strangers, colleagues and acquaintances.

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Today, I’ll graduate from the University of Nebraska Omaha. This day means everything to me.

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They are so rude, yell at my children and use language that makes me uncomfortable.

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Niki Hulstine’s dream was to become a mother.

A simple feat one would think. Not in Niki’s case.

“I was told when I was 21 that if I didn’t have children by the time I was 25, the odds of me having children were slim to none.”

Three years ago, she married Adam Hulstine. The couple tried to conceive. Niki took vitamins, evaluated her nutrition and plotted her ovulation. At the same time, the two began fostering children. They attended doctor’s visits, had fertility treatments and thought positive thoughts, but no baby.

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giving back

Hoping to add a community giving project to your family’s activities?

If so, this is the perfect time, as Family Volunteer Day takes place on Saturday just before Thanksgiving.

Twenty two years ago, the Points of Light Foundation created national Family Volunteer Day to showcase the benefits of family volunteering and provide opportunities for families to help communities create supportive environments for their children and each other.

Find five tips for nurturing your child’s generous spirit inside this post…

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The 29-year-old Omaha mother of three has a passion for spirituality, family, education and coffee.

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Just when I was feeling bad for myself, a friend told me she had it worse.

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In the mail last week, I received a hurtful and hateful letter about my man’s color of skin.

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We met in a small office supply closet turned into an even smaller conference room at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Teacher’s College.

We had been put into a small group of social science student teachers that were supposed to be practicing teaching to each other. She and I sat across from each other, struck up a conversation and time stopped.

Nearly 10 years later we are living in Omaha and raising two beautiful boys.

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There’s a good reason they say “it takes a village to raise a child.”

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What’s wrong with entering the New Year the same way you ended the old year?

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We must never forget those who have showed us strength.

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This weekend is filled with lots of activities to keep you warm and active!

Check out some of them below:

Help raise awareness of lung cancer at Saturday’s Free to Breathe 5K Walk/Run.

Participate in Skinny Bones Adventure 5K Mud Run on Saturday to benefit the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

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Adcock Kics

At fall, I think of pumpkin carving with my family. But what if you’re a kid with out a family?

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bobby and the girls image

“Mommy,” my 4-year-old Alejandra said. “Where’s brother?”

“He’s at his mommy’s house,” I said.

“Why does brother have another mommy?” she asked.

How do you explain to a preschooler your would-be step-child’s relationship with his biological parents?

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It will be 10 days before I get to see my kids again. And that is a long time in this mama’s world.

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A 1933 letter F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote to his daughter inspired me to write my own.

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Bri Nejad: Sunblock or Sunscreen: Which one should you be using this summer? Bri Nejad: Sunblock or Sunscreen: Which one should you be using this summer?
One thing we know for sure is we need something to keep our skin looking youthful and healthy.
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