Jacqueline Baez-Leonard: Sometimes being a good parent means less talking, more listening

“Mom, what’s a lesbian? … Someone at school called me one, and I want to know what it is.”

Claire Flatowicz: Spring Cleaning: Signs it’s time to toss your clothes

It’s time to dust off those shelves that never see a dust rag, clean out those kitchen cabinets and my clothes closet.

Amy Grace: 8 white hot dresses that are under $100

Gone are the days and the rule that says you can’t wear white until after Memorial Day.

Jen Schneider: Take the April Acts of Kindness challenge

Get inspired to take part in April Acts of Kindness Month.

Jessica Brashear: 6 things no pregnant woman should be expected to do

I’m tired. I’m large. I’m sick and tired of being large.

The Sassy Housewife: Why won’t my child use the potty? C’mon we’ve been training forever

My daughter just can’t seem to get the concept. She is constantly having accidents and it is a fight to just get her on the potty.

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Many of us spend far too much on Christmas. Keep two things in mind…

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Modify your budget to make your high schooler’s year special.

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In the country, car-deer remains are like a Black Friday doorbuster.

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I have no idea what I am doing or what to expect.

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Three babies sitting indoors holding hands

Parenting may be priceless — but it costs on average $235,000 to raise a child for 17 years. And that’s not including college. Yikes.

So how does a parent save or make ends meet when times are tough?

Click the headline to find a list of 12 Money Saving Tips for Parents.

Join our 2 p.m. live chat with experts from SAC Federal Credit Union who will be on hand to answer your financial questions.

We’ll also announce the winners of a $100 gift card to Gap Kids or Target during the live chat.

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