Chris Donnelly: Stop worrying about what you feed your kids

Considering the nutritional value of each bite ingested for each kid just seems like a nice but unattainable ideal most days.

Jacqueline Baez-Leonard: Easter Sunday: Did my child really drink wine at Mass?

“So, I stand here, mouth agape, partly in horror, and receive the sacrament.”

Scott Reinhardt: One father’s tale of overcoming infertility

Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples of childbearing age. Most suffer in silence. My wife and I, for instance, are one.

Sandy Lane: Yikes! My three sons have April birthday milestones this year

This month we have Grant’s golden 14th birthday, Ben’s 18th birthday and Zach’s big 21.

Jen Schneider: Childhood joys could alleviate adult doldrums

Remembering childhood passions can give spark to adults.

David Codr: Help! My dog bites. How do you get rid of the problem?

Our miniature Golden Doodle that has begun to bite. How do we stop her?

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Juggling my family’s schedules is no easy task.

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school supplies

School supply prices are on the rise. Get tips on how to cut your costs at the checkout.

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They may be popular, but they’re not safe: one-strap backpacks.

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school pencil

It’s back to school time in the Midlands.

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book blanket

Give favorite books the protection they deserve with these felt book blankets.

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Now that school’s back in session, we got to thinking about our own days in the classroom and those awkward photos of unforgettable moments.

We asked readers to submit their back-to-school memories and photos, of course.

Mom blogger Cat Koehler and I provided a few. (Stop laughing.)

Some were endearing. Others were random.

But they all made us crack a smile.

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I didn’t think my son was nervous enough to vomit all over the school cafeteria.

Posted on by Amy Grace
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Oprah’s list was pretty elementary. So here, teachers, take my advice.

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school bus safety

Now that children are back to school more big yellow buses are on the roads.

I get so frustrated watching reckless drivers whip around them in a hurry.

“Slow down,” I’ll shout.

When really I’d like to chase after speedy drivers neglecting to stop for school buses with a broom or newspaper. Yes, I’ve become a crabby mommy.

Riding a school bus can be fun for children, but it can also be dangerous if drivers don’t follow school bus safety rules.

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What does summer buy us? Space. Time. A chance for students and teachers to relax.

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Moms have known this for years. Healthy foods = Smart children.

Now a study confirms that.

Better nutrition (especially at breakfast) improves academic performance and social functioning in school.

Make breakfasts rich in zinc, iron, potassium and calcium such as peanut butter, leafy greens and lean turkey or chicken.

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I’m hoping my kids learn to manage time better than I do.

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Don’t like your teacher assignment? Deal with it.

Posted on by Al Watts
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Summer vacation is over: It’s back to school today.

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Kool-Aid Days

Who’s ready to start their weekend? Me. Me. Me.

The kids and I are planning one last big hoorah before we gear up for school.

Anyone going to the Kool-Aid Days Festival this weekend in Hastings, Neb?

Join me at 2 p.m. for a live chat about your weekend plans.

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Students tell us what they’re glad they brought to college.

Posted on by Josie Loza
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If you’re looking for something to do with the kids this weekend, we’ve got you covered.

Check out a listing of momaha’s top picks from a comic book convention to a doggy and owner swimming play date.

One you might want to consider…

Oak View Mall will host Back to School Kids Fest, a free celebration featuring family-friendly activities, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

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Chris Donnelly: Stop worrying about what you feed your kids Chris Donnelly: Stop worrying about what you feed your kids
Considering the nutritional value of each bite ingested for each kid just seems like a nice but unattainable ideal most days.
Toys”R”Us recalls popular child seat Toys”R”Us recalls popular child seat
Toys"R"Us is asking customers to stop using a popular child seat.
It looks like spring out there It looks like spring out there
Submit your spring-related photos to be featured on momaha by emailing



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