Jacqueline Baez-Leonard: Easter Sunday: Did my child really drink wine at Mass?

“So, I stand here, mouth agape, partly in horror, and receive the sacrament.”

Scott Reinhardt: One father’s tale of overcoming infertility

Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples of childbearing age. Most suffer in silence. My wife and I, for instance, are one.

Sandy Lane: Yikes! My three sons have April birthday milestones this year

This month we have Grant’s golden 14th birthday, Ben’s 18th birthday and Zach’s big 21.

Jen Schneider: Childhood joys could alleviate adult doldrums

Remembering childhood passions can give spark to adults.

David Codr: Help! My dog bites. How do you get rid of the problem?

Our miniature Golden Doodle that has begun to bite. How do we stop her?

Jessica Brashear: Be your child’s advocate for better health care

Dear Doctor, our appointment left me disappointed in your professionalism and bed-side manner.

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