Jacqueline Baez-Leonard: Easter Sunday: Did my child really drink wine at Mass?

“So, I stand here, mouth agape, partly in horror, and receive the sacrament.”

Scott Reinhardt: One father’s tale of overcoming infertility

Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples of childbearing age. Most suffer in silence. My wife and I, for instance, are one.

Sandy Lane: Yikes! My three sons have April birthday milestones this year

This month we have Grant’s golden 14th birthday, Ben’s 18th birthday and Zach’s big 21.

Jen Schneider: Childhood joys could alleviate adult doldrums

Remembering childhood passions can give spark to adults.

David Codr: Help! My dog bites. How do you get rid of the problem?

Our miniature Golden Doodle that has begun to bite. How do we stop her?

Jessica Brashear: Be your child’s advocate for better health care

Dear Doctor, our appointment left me disappointed in your professionalism and bed-side manner.

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Cultivate generosity in your household by volunteering and giving back to the community as a family.

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Play value, parent satisfaction matter most.

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See what’s going on in Omaha. Here’s a big list of family-friendly activities.

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jingle bell run

Get the weekend planner out. It’s time to go, go, go!

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We know parents like to plan ahead.

And now that the holidays are nearing, we figured you’d need some help getting a few fun events marked down on your calender.

There are plenty of things to do in Omaha with kids this fall and winter.

Here’s what we suggest:

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If you’re looking for something to do, you’re in luck.

We’ve compiled a listing of events that we think should be on your radar.

So get out and enjoy the day with your family.

Check out the Antique Spectacular this weekend at the Ralston Arena.

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Omahan Jennifer Stauss Windrum is on a mission to remind people that no one fights cancer alone.

To create awareness about lung cancer, she created “Where’s the Funding,” an online campaign that uses the initials “WTF” and recently launched SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer product line.

Read why the 41-year-old mom started the politically incorrect campaign and how she hopes her sock monkeys will become as popular as TOMS Shoes.

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Captain Mama cover art with her patches

Yeah! The weekend is finally here.

If you’re looking for something to do, you’re in luck.

We’ve compiled a listing of events that we think should be on your radar.


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Check our a few fun events to mark down on your calender.

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In middle school, kids nicknamed me “Godzilla.” I was almost 6 feet tall, but it still hurt my feelings.

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It’s the weekend. Oh, yeah!

Here is a list of weekend happenings you can check out with your family this weekend.

Visit adoptable dogs at Wag N Train Terrier Rescue on Sunday.

Have fun with your kiddos at The Home Depot for their Kids’ Workshop Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.

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It’s almost Halloween and it’ll sure feel like it this weekend with all the places to trick-or-treat.

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This weekend is filled with lots of activities to keep you warm and active!

Check out some of them below:

Help raise awareness of lung cancer at Saturday’s Free to Breathe 5K Walk/Run.

Participate in Skinny Bones Adventure 5K Mud Run on Saturday to benefit the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

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Mom with us girls

Free to Breathe 5K to inspire hope and create change for those impacted by lung cancer.

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It’s about finding something that your child enjoys and doing it with them.

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It’s getting colder out, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay bundled up inside.

Here are a few things you can enjoy this weekend that fit perfectly with the cooling weather.

Enjoy peace, love and junk this weekend at Junkstock: The Harvest Edition The outdoor flea market at 315 S. 192nd St. has antiques and artisan-made pieces, live music, food and a kids play area with a bounce house, face-painting and harvest-themed crafts.

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The weekend is finally here.

If you don’t have plans already, take a look at our list of fun things to do with the family.

We’ve compiled a listing of events that we think should be on your radar.

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As the leaves change color and the weather gets cooler, I’m reminded of the time he passed away.

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During a recent inteview with momaha, Tracey Garvis Graves shares how island-themed movies and TV shows like “Castaway” and “Lost” inspired her book “On the Island”.

The desert island scene has always intrigued her.

But instead of the famous volleyball, Wilson, to give Tom Hanks company in “Castaway,” Graves decided to give her characters real companionship.

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I’m passionate about music, writing and being a social butterfly.

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