Sandy Lane: Yikes! My three sons have April birthday milestones this year

This month we have Grant’s golden 14th birthday, Ben’s 18th birthday and Zach’s big 21.

Jen Schneider: Childhood joys could alleviate adult doldrums

Remembering childhood passions can give spark to adults.

David Codr: Help! My dog bites. How do you get rid of the problem?

Our miniature Golden Doodle that has begun to bite. How do we stop her?

Jessica Brashear: Be your child’s advocate for better health care

Dear Doctor, our appointment left me disappointed in your professionalism and bed-side manner.

Bri Nejad: Sunblock or Sunscreen: Which one should you be using this summer?

One thing we know for sure is we need something to keep our skin looking youthful and healthy.

Joe McCampbell: Momaha has a new daddy blogger

He’s a 25-year-old Omaha guy who plans to blog about life as a single dad.

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We are raising the first generation of youth who will live sicker and shorter lives than their parents, according to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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Food allergies affect nearly 10 percent of children younger than 4-years-old.

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That last bite of a tasty morsel just dropped to the floor. What do you do?

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If the hormone helps keep spouses faithful, could prescribing it as a nasal spray keep marriages alive?

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It’s not pretty, but there’s actually a lot that goes into the flu’s worst symptom. Note: Don’t read over breakfast.

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We talk about marijuana and alcohol, even prescription drugs. But one often forgotten substance needs attention, too.

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What happens if your dog eats mistletoe? Or if holiday stress becomes more than just the blues?

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Studying it may just get us closer to finding a solution for the migraine.

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Before October comes to a close, here are four lesser-known breast cancer hallmarks.

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Who has the cutest belly button? And why do some people not have them?

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Ideas for moms, young people, patients and more.

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The U.S. is seeing the highest rate of whooping cough in over 50 years.

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Do ‘time outs’ really work? Do ‘time outs’ really work?
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